General Assembly: Barcelona will sell up to 49% of Barça Studios

The delegate members approved the sale at the AGM on Saturday

| David Ramírez

Ivan San Antonio

Barcelona will sell a minority stake in their in-house production company, Barça Studios. The issue was voted on at the General Assembly, with the delegate members giving the club the green light to move ahead with the sale.

Of those present on Saturday, 397 vote in favour of selling a percentage no higher than 49 percent in Barça Studios to a third party company. There were 14 votes against, while 10 people abstained.

"The authorisation is to sell between 20% and 49% to ensure that the club does not lose control," the vice president in charge of marketing, Juli Guiu, said, adding that one or more companies could invest.

One socio, Alex Puig, asked why the club didn't want to be in a more stable position before selling, but president Joan Laport explained that "there's interest and we're not a content producer."

Laporta added: "We dedicate ourselves to football and the other professional sports teams, that's what we know about. We need to work with people that know and there are a lot of companies making a profit in this area."



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