Gavi shows off Golden Boy prize and Kopa Trophy to Diario SPORT


Gavi shows off Golden Boy prize and Kopa Trophy to Diario SPORT

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The Barcelona youngster hopes to lead Spain to glory at the World Cup this month

At just 18 years old, he is the rebellious soul of a Barcelona team that longs to be among the best teams in the world as soon as possible. He exudes personality, charisma and talent in equal parts and his irruption has been awarded with the two most prestigious awards for young players, the Golden Boy prize and the Kopa Trophy. He does not shy away from anything or anyone. His relationship with the ball is one of pure and unconditional love. And his future, even more exciting than the exceptional present. After the victory at El Sadar and before playing his first World Cup, Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, Gavi (Los Palacios and Villafranca, 2004), attends SPORT to pose with the distinctions he has inherited from his teammate Pedri, "a great friend who always helps me a lot.”

Much more shy than when he has the ball at his feet and proudly 'dances' with it on the pitch, the Andalusian midfielder has no problem touching and even holding the World Cup trophy that we give him. "It's not the real one, right?" He makes sure beforehand, however, so as not to 'jinx' the Spanish team. He is not uncomfortable and acts naturally while we do the photo shoot despite having only slept “a ‘little bit” upon returning from Pamplona early in the morning. He cracks a mischievous grin from time to time, and when we ask him to choose between the Golden Boy and the Kopa Trophy, he picks the former. Not because he gives it more or less value, but because it "weighs less."

Gavi, de perla de la Masia a jugador clave en el Barça y la selección española

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Very "grateful" and "proud" to receive awards that are also won by footballers such as Leo Messi, "a great reference and, for me, the best player in history", Gavi exhibits ambition when asked if Barça can afford to experience another season of transition. “Barça always have to fight to win titles”, he replies instantly. And he doesn't say it because it's a cliché, but because he considers that, despite the fact that “we are a very young team, there is the quality and players for it.” He does not dislike the intense player label that has been placed on him, but he claims that he tries "to be a complete footballer" and "do what the coach asks of me. I always want to win and I try to give everything on the pitch for the team and for my teammates,” he reflects, once again attesting to his extremely competitive nature.

Except for a major surprise, the young star will form part of the Spain squad in Qatar. For him, he confesses, it would be “a dream” to be able to defend Spain in a World Cup in which, regardless of whether or not they are among the favourites, “we have a very good group with a lot of quality. Gavi has such clear ideas that, when asking for a wish for his embryonic and promising career, he can only say “win a lot of titles with Barça and the national team.”

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