Gavi has been waiting for two months for Barcelona's contract offer

Gavi has been waiting for two months for Barcelona's contract offer

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The midfielder wants to renew but Barça have not yet made a proposal

It was the month of January, at the end of a very busy market, when Barcelona contacted Gavi's camp to resume talks over his renewal after discussing some initial figures. Everything had stopped in the month of December to prioritise the necessary signings in January, but it was clear from both parties that there was a desire to tie things up soon.

The message in January was that Gavi was going to have a final renewal proposal in a matter of days. But two months after that conversation, the club has not yet presented the long-awaited proposal, much to the surprise of Gavi's agents. There is no doubt that Gavi wants to continue and will continue, but to make it happen, it is also necessary to reach a financial agreement.

There is no conflict between the parties, but rather the desire to start working seriously to protect the future of a boy whose contract ends in June 2023. Gavi has received calls from many European clubs but has neither negotiated nor will he listen to proposals from anyone. He is clear that his future is at Barça and he expects an offer according to his importance within the squad. And it is that despite his age, Gavi is already a regular for club and country. His irruption in professional football has been brutal and his new contract should reflect that, no matter how much Barça excuses itself on how tight the salary limit is.

Because that limit does not seem to exist for new signings that arrive for nothing. In the dressing room, the money that Christensen or Kessié will receive already creates a certain resentment. It is true that they come on frees, but it is no less true, for example, that Kessié is and will be light-years away as a footballer from Pedri and Gavi and, it seems, he will earn more than them from the next season. It is not bad at all to sign players without paying a transfer, but handing them inflated salaries can have a high cost for the future. And not only economically but also in coexistence within a young locker room that has already generated truly world-class footballers. Gavi is one of these products and his renewal should be measured by his market value.

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