Gattuso preparing a jail for Lionel Messi

The Napoli coach wants to cage the Argentine maestro

Fabián mete miedo al Barça con este auténtico golazo | TWITTER

Napoli are conscious that their hopes of reaching the Champions League quarter-finals could come down to whether or not they can disconnect Lionel Messi. The Argentine maestro hit four goals against Eibar on Saturday. Napoli coach Gattuso is looking at various tactical plans to create a ‘cage’ to trap the Argentine star.

Gattuso, who in December replaced Carlo Ancelotti, is unlikely to achieve much in the league with Napoli sixth with 36 points. Their objective is to keep a Europa League spot - the Champions League places are nine points away. And so doing well in the Champions League would be a great way to succeed this year. “We have our chances,” he said over the Barca tie.

Gattuso said in Corriere dello Sport that he wants to ‘domesticate Messi’, creating a jail for him in certain zones, to disconnect him and stop Barcelona from creating.


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