Frenkie De Jong key quotes: Why he chose Barca over PSG and Man City

He says he went to Paris and Manchester to speak to Tuchel and Guardiola

Frenkie de Jong confirmó al reportero Simon Zijlemans, del programa holandés VTBL, la noticia más esperada por el barcelonismo | VTBL

After a few months keeping quiet, the announcement of his signing for Barca was an authentic liberation for Frenkie de Jong. The Dutch midfielder spoke to Voetball, revealing the secrets he has been keeping over the past few weeks. Here are some of his key quotes:

PSG and Man City: “(PSG) were one of the best options. The club, the team, the coach impressed me. They have me the chance to play consistency and Ligue 1 could be an advantage, there is still time to grow. I went to Manchester and Paris and I spoke to Tuchel and Guardiola. My choice is not a decision against those clubs but in favour of Barcelona. The challenge is huge. Regarding France I didn’t have the feeling that I wanted to play there for 10 years.”

Sergio Busquets: “He’s the best midfielder in the world and will play a few more years, so I’m not getting too excited. Barca see me as able to play in the three midfield positions, but in the short term moe in the Busquets role. I’m going to Barca to try and be a starter, but it’s too soon to talk about that now.”

Barca doubts: “I was a bit doubtful because I thought ‘they have so many midfielders that it’s hard work to earn a spot’. But Barca gave me the right feeling. There are no guarantees but my chances are positive.”

Messi: “It’s beautiful to play with him. But I still can’t say anything because I haven’t yet. Everyone knows that I think that Leo is the best.”

Plans: “I want to learn the language as fast as possible. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try somewhere else. I’m only 21 and I have to keep growing.”

The city: “If you play at Barca and succeed there, you never have to leave. You play at the biggest club in the world and it’s beautiful. It’s a top level climate, with one of the best team’s in the world.”

Cillessen and Suarez: “They sent me a message to welcome me. I’ve spoke to Jasper a lot about the club and the city.”


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