Font on Laporta: Entering Barcelona without having a plan was suicide

Font on Laporta: Entering Barcelona without having a plan was suicide

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The ex-presidential candidate has appeared publicly for the first time since the election

Victor Font has reappaered. The candidate for the Barcleona presidency at the last elections, celebrated on March 7 2021, gave a press conference on Tuesday to analyse the first 16 months of Joan Laporta's reign and share his thoughts on the club's current situation.

"We are really concerned right now," he declared. "We wanted to professionalism the club so that the crisis we're suffering would not be repeated. We had a plan for the first 100 days to make changes: reduce spending, bring in strategic partners, retain Messi... All that would have allowed us to reduce the debt, not increase it to €480m."

Font was critical of Laporta and his board of directors: "When you improvise, you don't have a plan and you're not transparent. You make mistakes without meaning to and you have a problem.

"Entering the club without having a plan was suicide. We're seeing constant 'turns.' This is not fixed by giving interviews. We could reach a situation where the ownership model is in risk. We are where we are because of all this.

"We have tried to help. We have asked for meetings with the club and the president. The classic opposition doesn't work. Laporta, however, excused himself and didn't come. The vice president met us (Elena Fort). Her intentions were good, she said they would take our proposals on board. I don't know what they will do with them."