Ferran Torres on Lewandowski to Barça and Real Madrid interest in him

Ferran Torres on Lewandowski to Barça and Real Madrid interest in him

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The winger arrived in the January window from Manchester City

Ferran Torres says it has not been an easy year for Barcelona but is happy with his first season at the club. 

“Not qualifying for the Champions League was failure, we completed the objective and also qualified for the next Spanish Super Cup and now, we have to think about next season and win titles,” he told COPE.

“It’s a complicated situation at the club. There are things that don’t depend on them and come from the past, but they are doing a good job.”

On the debate over his goalscoring capacity, Ferran said: “ As a winger, I don’t consider myself a striker. Scoring goals does not depend on me. I am capable of scoring, when I I can I have to give assists, but I’m proud I’ve given the team more work than just goals. I am ambitious and I don’t want to miss, but I’m not going mad about it.”

Ferran also said that Real Madrid wanted him. “When I was young I had various offers from Real Madrid,” he explained. “I thought it was not the moment for different reasons. It was at the World Cup, I came up to the Valencia first team and I thought I would have more minutes wit hValencia. I think it went well.”

Asked about Robert Lewandowski’s possible arrival, he added: “He’s got some stratospheric numbers and that he’s motivated to come to Barcelona is something to be proud of. I hope they reach a deal.”

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