FC Barcelona and Chelsea are close to reaching an agreement for Frenkie de Jong

FC Barcelona and Chelsea are close to reaching an agreement for Frenkie de Jong

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Keeping aside the player's predicament, the Spanish club have advanced their negotiation with the English club.

More pressure on Frenkie de Jong as Barça and Chelsea have nearly closed a transfer agreement for the Dutchman, who is still very determined to stay. Sources close to the negotiation believe that the figures on the table suggest a favourable agreement for both clubs. The player will then have to choose. Although his stance is unchanged, it is clear that Barça prioritises his exit, especially if his salary is not lowered.

Barça reached an agreement for the player first with Manchester United, and now with Chelsea, though it was not until a few days ago that the London club began to negotiate in earnest for the player. Chelsea are willing to exceed 80 million euros between fixed and variable, a price Barça would readily agree for.

FC Barcelona's position is clear. Both Joan Laporta, and Xavi Hernandez, want De Jong to stay at the club but are asking him to accept a pay cut. His entourage, however, are furious with the club and have refused to open negotiations in this regard.

If the agreement with Chelsea is reached, Barça could invite the Dutchman to leave. But the player, with a signed contract, has the upper hand. The talks have been considerable in recent hours and Chelsea are in constant contact with his agents. The upcoming deadlines will further accelerate the decisions.

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