Fake news about Gavi's ineligibility for Barca against Elche

Fake news about Gavi's ineligibility for Barca against Elche

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The midfielder could play, despite the stories claiming to the contrary

The constant 'fake news' about Gavi is provoking situations that are hard to understand. This very Sunday, 2nd April, the programme 'Tiempo de Juego' on Cadena COPE claimed that Elche are considering contesting the validity of the league match against FC Barcelona for an alleged improper selection of Gavi. 

However, the same media explained, moments later after consulting LaLiga and the RFEF, that it could come to nothing: "They tell us that the precautionary measure of the court obtained by Barça is above the federative regulations". 

This week, Gavi reappeared on the La Liga website among the first team players, but with the number 30, after the competition withdrew his first team card due to the decision of the commercial court number 10 of Barcelona to reject his registration for having been made out of time.

Therefore, his licence could be out of date and, this is why Elche are considering challenging the match this weekend against the Blaugrana club, according to the aforementioned media outlet.

FC Barcelona are very calm because they are sure that they have the approval of La Liga and the RFEF after the consultation that took place last Friday before the match was played.

Presumably, it will all come to nothing and the three points will still go to the leaders of the domestic competition. However, another chapter in the 'Gavi case' has been added.

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