Exclusive: Breaking down the finances of Barça-Spotify agreement


Exclusive: Breaking down the finances of Barça-Spotify agreement

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The club cannot reveal the figures but SPORT have had access to them

On Sunday, Barcelona's members will vote on whether to pass the sponsorship agreement with Spotify. It will be a historic assembly for two reasons. Firstly, because it will be telematic and, secondly, because for the first time ever they will vote on the name of the club's stadium.

The assembly has not been without some controversy because Barcelona have not been able to give the financial details of the agreement. Not of their own volition, but because Spotify, as required across the hundreds of contracts it signs each year, imposes a confidentiality clause.

Estas son todas las cifras del contrato entre FC Barcelona y Spotify


Joan Laporta, the Barça president, already stated in his latest statements that Barcelona's policy is one of maximum transparency with the club's members and that his wish would be to be able to fulfill this maxim. This conflict of interest stems from the special idiosyncrasy of Barça, which is owned by its members, and Spotify, a privately owned multinational.

SPORT, however, is in a position to reveal the exact figures of this historic agreement between Barcelona and Spotify. This understanding, which comes in a very particular context in the football industry given that it is beginning to emerge from the galloping crisis caused by the pandemic, is divided into three sections.

Shirt sponsorship

The first part is for four years, which includes the duration of the agreement for the sponsorship of the front of the men's and women's shirts. There is a fixed amount of 57.5 million euros plus 2.5 million in variables that are very easy to obtain. Those 60 million per year represent 240 million euros over the next four years.

The second tranche is for three years, with Barça set to receive 5 million euros per season for training kit for the men's and women's teams. In total, 15 million euros over the next three years.

Camp Nou

The naming rights for Camp Nou are also divided into two sections. The first will be for the four years that the remodeling work is carried out on the stadium. The club will receive €5m for putting the Spotify name on their stadium, €20m in total. From the fifth year, the figure will become 20 million euros per year for the next eight seasons. In other words, FC Barcelona is guaranteed another 180 million.

For all these assets (shirt and stadium), the club that Laporta has chaired since March 2021 will receive a minimum of 435 million euros from the Swedish company.

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