Exclusive: Barcelona players say 'Yes' to stunning Neymar return

Lionel Messi is one of the player who would most like to see the Brazilian come back

El vestuario azulgrana ve con buenos ojos un posible regreso del brasileño | Marta Fernández

Barcelona players would welcome Neymar with open arms. The Brazilian has the backing of the squad in the case that the club are able to bring him back. The dressing room's opinion contrasts with their views on Antoine Griezmann, who there is no feeling with and they don't want next season, as SPORT first revealed one month ago. 

Albert Masnou

The reports since then have confirmed what we reported, much to the anger of many. Now, we can explain the other side of the coin: The player would accept the Paris Saint-Germain star with their eyes closed. 

Many of them have even contact Neymar in recent days to encourage him to come, to ask him about the news in the newspapers and about the comments made by PSG's owner. 

Lionel Messi explained in a recent interview that he still has a Whatsapp group with Neymar and Luis Suarez, the MSN trident that led Barça to the treble. Suarez, meanwhile, speaking at the Copa America, said: "Who wouldn't want to enjoy playing with a player like Ney? He's the second best in the world." On Griezmann, he preferred "not to comment." 

Everyone remembers Neymar's excellent relationship with the dressing room (not just Messi and Suarez) and the success they had on the pitch. Neymar has visited his former teammates several times since leaving for PSG in 2017. 

At the same time, the players know first hand that Neymar would put Barcelona ahead of any other team (including Real Madrid), which is another reason why he would be welcome with open arms. 

There could be those that point out the way in which Neymar left Barça and that would be a point against him, but from the dressing room's point of view, they appreciated his desire to reduce his salary and comeback. At the same time, they understand that to play his part in coming back is an admission that he made a mistake and he regrets leaving. "We can all make mistakes and he knows what he did. He was happy here and he wants to be happy again," sources at the club say. 

The chemistry between him and Messi is one of the arguments for brining him back. Messi was happy with him by his side. Messi let him take penalties and set up a number of goals for him. There's a feeling between the two and Messi's one of the main people pulling for Neymar's return. 



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