Exclusive: Barca's different plans to sign De Jong and De Ligt from Ajax

The club are negotiating directly with De Jong but will go to Raiola over De Ligt

Así juega Frenkie de Jong, la perla holandesa que sigue el Barça. El centrocampista del Ajax está en la órbita azulgrana | SPORT.es

There are no doubts about it, Frankie De Jong and Matthijs de Ligt are Barca’s best bets to reinforce the defence and the midfield. Both Ajax youngsters have huge potential. Barca know that and are trying to work out the right way to get both of them before other sides make a move.

Both cases are radically different and Barca have different strategies. De Jong’s transfer is harder. He has Ali Dursun as an agent and Barca think that is big problem. Dursun left a big company to start a career by himself and De Jong is his big star. Something that means he will exploit the midfielder’s potential to the max.

This has caused discomfort at Barca. They don’t want him to go on auction, which would raise his price as Dursun looks to get the biggest quantity possible.

Barca’s response has been to take advantage of their Ajax contacts and speak with De Jong directly. The relationship is fluid and Barca think with the maturity De Jong has he will get his way in the end. He wants to play for Barca and that is bigger than the economic interests of his people.

It will be hard to get him given the interest in him from big Premier League sides and Dursun’s plans for a juicy deal.

The De Ligt case is completely different. He has Mino Raiola as an agent. Ramon Planes has a good relationship with him and communication is fluid. Barca believe they can bid for the Ajax defender and get him with a reasonable offer.

The board are working on their plans to sign both of them with Pep Segura, Eric Abidal and Planes all in charge of contacts with De Jong, De Ligt and Raiola.

Ajax know Barcelona’s plans. There is no controversy and know that the performance of the players will not be affected this season. Barca want to have both agreed to deals by the end of the year to sign next summer.

In the coming weeks a big meeting is planned between Barca and Ajax.



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