"Everyone is celebrating and I'm sitting in a cubicle with Messi"

Liverpool defender Matip revealed how he celebrated the win over Barcelona

 Messi falló una de las que tuvo el Barça y en los minutos finales estuvo desaparecido | MEDIAPRO

May 7, 2019, is a night that neither Liverpool nor Barcelona will ever forget. For the opposite reasons. Liverpool defender Joel Matip has explained in an interview with German outlet 11 Freunde a curious episode that followed his side's 4-0 win over Barça -- and it involved Lionel Messi. 

“After the game, we lined up arm-in-arm in front of the Kop together and sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with the fans,” the centre-back explained. “That was one of the most beautiful moments of my career, maybe on the same level as my debut for Schalke in Munich. I didn’t care about anything; I was floating on air after singing with the fans." 

Everything normal so far. “And when I came into the doping test room, there was a guy sitting there pretty depressed." It was no other than Barça forward Messi, who had also been selected by chance to undergo post-match testing. 

Matip continued: “You know each other from the pitch, but it’s not like you sit around with them every day in a small room like you’re getting coffee. Everyone is celebrating and I’m sitting in a cubicle with Messi.”



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