Europe's top sides on alert for Kevin de Bruyne

Europe's top sides on alert for Kevin de Bruyne

 El belga anotó el definitivo 1-2 desde los 11 metros / | MOVISTAR

The Belgian could leave Man City after they were banned from playing in Europe

Man City’s sanction from UEFA - two seasons without European competition and a 30 million euro fine - could have its first big victim. Kevin de Bruyne, the Belgian midfielder. He’s been a key player but is not happy at the idea of missing out on the game at the highest level.

His words have woken up sides across Europe. Per Transfermarkt, his value is 120 million euros, although it was 150m in December.

“Two years without European football would be very long. The club has told us they will appeal and they are almost 100 per cent sure they are right,” De Bruyne told Het Laatste Nieuws in his country.

“That’s why I’m waiting to see what happens. I believe in my team. Once they’ve done it I will look at everything again. If it’s a year, I’ll see. I’m not going to base my decision on what Pep (Guardiola) does. Of course I’ve worked with other coaches and when Pep goes I have to keep working with someone else.”

Big clubs across Europe will be keeping an eye out for De Bruyne, with Juve, Bayern, Barca and Madrid looking at him. In England only Liverpool or Man United would be able to buy him.

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