Esport 3: Some directors urging Barça president Bartomeu to resign

Bartomeu is under pressure after 20,000 supporters voted against him this week

 Los impulsores de la moción de censura han depositado 20.731 firmas para sacar adelante la moción  | sport

A motion to censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board signed by other 20,000 Barcelona socios has left the club's hierarchy in a delicate position.

If more than 16,500 signatures are verified by the club in the coming days, Bartomeu's future at the club will hang on a referendum among the club's members. If 66 percent of those that vote want him to leave, he will be out. 

Jordi Farre, one of the members behind the campaign, has already called on Bartomeu to resign due to the sheer amount of people who signed the motion. 

Bartomeu has resisted the urge to step down so far but that doesn't mean it won't happen. According to Esport3, he plans to finish his mandate, which runs until next year, but there are directors who feel he should quit due to the movement against him -- and therefore avoid a referendum on his future. 

For now, the Barça chief has not given up but tough times are ahead and the decision may be taken out of his hands in the coming days. 

Josep María Bartomeu, en una imagen de archivo | AFP


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