Espanyol complain Barça's lineup was "ineligible" due to Lewandowski

Espanyol complain Barça's lineup was "ineligible" due to Lewandowski

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The striker's three-game suspension was placed on hold by a Madrid court on Friday

After drawing the Catalan derby on the last day of 2022, Espanyol have now filed a complaint against Barcelona for an ineligible lineup due to Robert Lewandowski's participation. Espanyol recall that the Polish forward should not have played due to the red card received against Osasuna in Barça's last game before the World Cup break.

Before the match, the Competition Committee had already warned Espanyol that "the judicial resolution must be respected" in the face of the complaints from the Pericos to the temporary suspension of Lewandiwsk's ban until a final decision is made on Barça's appeal. Given that refusal, they now they want to challenge the game's outcome.

This is the Espanyol statement

"Espanyol have submitted a written complaint to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) against Barcelona for fielding an incorrect line-up. 

"Before the start of the match, the club notified the match referee, Mateu Lahoz, and the RFEF about the presence of Lewandowski, who should have been fulfilling a suspension after his dismissal in the previous league game. 

"We will use all the resources we have to defend the club's interests. This flagrant injustice poses a risk to the essence of the competition and is based on a hasty resolution and clear legal mishaps." 

RFEF reaction

Once the letter was received, the RFEF has sent the complaint to its Competition Committee.

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