Ernesto Valverde will earn his Champions League and La Liga bonuses

The coach will pick up his dosh if Barca triumph in both competitions

 El aún técnico del Barcelona abandonó las instalaciones deportivas del club sin mediar palabra tras su reunión con Bartomeu | EFE

Ernesto Valverde will get his bonuses for the Champions League and La Liga if Barcelona triumph in those competitions, per Que T’hi Jugues on Cadena SER.

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Negotiation with the coach and his agents was far from speedy and easy and the media outlet confirmed that. Valverde didn’t like the board’s way of sacking him and was a tough cookie during the severance process.

Barcelona’s former coach wanted his prizes for Barcelona triumphing. He left the team first in La Liga and top of their Champions League group.

He will not get a Copa del Rey bonus, given the team had not started in that competition before he was axed.


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