Ernesto Valverde: Lionel Messi will be rotated again

The coach confirmed that like last season, Messi will be given rest at times

Valverde: Esperamos que Messi pueda jugar en Granada | Marta Fernández

Lionel Messi will start at Granada. After playing 30 minutes or so against Borussia Dortmund on his comeback from injury, he's ready to go from the start at Nuevo Los Carmenes, said Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde at his press conference on Friday.

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"He did well I think, given the difficulty of the game, he got involved and was good," said Valverde. "(Now we have to wait for him to) add up the games and minutes to keep getting towards the optimum point of form. Yes, we expect that he can play tomorrow."

The coach also said that Messi would be rotated this year like last season. "Last year he rotated like the rest of the players, and it caught attention because he started some games from the bench. This year the same will happen because it's inevitable with this number of games," he added.


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