Ernesto Valverde: It seems that we have to give a footballing lesson each game

The coach is feeling the criticism after his team's recent performances

 Ernesto Valverde habló en rueda de prensa antes del encuentro de Champions ante el Borussia Dortmund | PERFORM

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde lamented on Tuesday that his team seems obliged to "give a footballing lesson in each game" and backed his players.

"Here, at Barca, there's always fuss. We're at the club we're at, it will always be like this, if not for one reason then for another. Now we come off the back of winning a game in which we suffered a lot, they pushed us but we won. What happens is that here they demand a footballing lesson in each game and sometimes we can't give it.

"We come from playing at Leganes, we come from winning. There's always criticism when we play at Leganes because it's not easy to play there. That's what it's about, not only putting ourself on the precipice when things don't go well. We're first in La Liga and in the Champions League and we want to stay first."

Valverde, durante su comparecencia | VALENTÍ ENRICH


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