Eric Garcia waiting on Lionel Messi decision

The Argentine's burofax created a new scenario and Barca must negotiate

 El central del Manchester City, canterano del FC Barcelona, es seguido por el club | ZML

Toni Juanmartí

Negotiations between Barcelona and Manchester City for Eric Garcia have changed with Leo Messi's burofax. 

It's a big factor: the future of the best player in the world.

SPORT reported that City put a 23m euro price tag on Garcia's head, which Barcelona believed to be excessive.

But now Barcelona think that if Messi goes to Man City, Garcia could come a lot cheaper to the Catalans.

Even if the Messi case evolves and he no longer wants to leave the club, Barca will still want City's Garcia. If City do not negotiate a price under 20 million then they may have to just get the 'yes' from the player and wait to get him for free next summer.



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