Eric Garcia: I arrived to play with Messi and then he left

Eric Garcia: I arrived to play with Messi and then he left

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The Spanish defender spoke on Twitch on various topics

Eric Garcia didn't get a minute at the World Cup but is back with Barcelona, aiming to win his place. He's got a lot of competition with Araujo and Christensen, not to mention Kounde.

Eric spoke on Gerard Romero's Twitch channel on various topics, including Spain's elimination.

"To win 7-0 generated a lot of expectation, but I don't think it was that," said Garcia. "We believed in what we were doing but it was a tough blow."

On the derby against Espanyol, he said: "There's a lot of excitement, for those of us who come from La Masia as kids the Espanyol game was the most important. We know how important it is for ourselves and for the club.

"It's a bit strange playing on the 31st, nobody is used to that calendar, but to finish the year it could be very good."


On Ansu he said: "I'm really looking forward to seeing the best Ansu, in the World Cup training sessions I saw him with a different spark. These days too, it's something special he has. I hope he can show it. We all know what he has. It's not easy what he's gone through with injuries, he needs his recovery process. He's strong mentally and works a lot in the gym. He'll get his reward."

On Pique: "We miss Pique, he's a unique player and person, we knew that he would be missed. The ease he has to be making banters and three minutes later having a great game and really focused. He's the only one I think can do that. He changes on the pitch. He's intelligent, on and off the pitch."

On Messi: "When he came here I said at last I can see Messi, and then he left. He's the best I've seen, he showed it at the World Cup with the physical level he had. To have a player like him can never hurt!

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