Enough is enough - Bartomeu responds to UEFA's Estelada fine

Josep Maria Bartomeu has given an impassioned speech after UEFA once again fined FC Barcelona for the presence of Esteladas at the Champions League game against Bayer Leverkusen at Camp Nou. 

Jordi Gil

Barça were also fined for the same reasoning after the Champions League final in Berlin, although this time the fine has increased from 30,000 euros to 40,000 euros. 

Estelada flags represent the movement for independence in Catalonia. 

Speaking at the club’s General Assembly on Sunday, Bartomeu said: "Barcelona have been punished by UEFA with a sanction that attacks freedom of expression

"We are being sanctioned for expressing legitimate feelings that should not be punished in a modern and democratic society. Enough is enough.

"Now we will take the sanction to UEFA's Appeals Committee, CAS [Court of Arbitration for Sport], the Supreme Court in Switzerland and, if necessary, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

"We are proud of defending freedom of expression, that's what makes us stronger."



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