Eduard Romeu: Messi return possible because he'd be a free agent

Eduard Romeu: Messi return possible because he'd be a free agent

The Barcelona VP says Messi's return not in the budget but would be viable

Lionel Messi's Barcelona exit in the summer of 2021, to Paris Saint-Germain, caught most people by surprise. When all seemed to be sorted with his contract renewal, an agreement within LaLiga's financial regulations could not be met. His goodbye was dramatic and the images of his departure were tear-filled and seen around the globe.

Messi is now in the second year of his two-year deal with PSG. His mind is currently focused on the World Cup, but his future beyond this season is in the air and the option of leaving PSG is possible. He has said he will not make any decisions this side of the World CUp, though.

On Wednesday, in an interview with 'El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio', Barça vice president Eduard Romeu was asked about the viability of Messi's possible return and he left the door open to a 'last dance.'

"It would be possible financially because if he returned it would be as a free agent," Romeu said.

"But it's a decision which has to be made by the coaching staff and the player. It doesn't correspond to me [to make those decisions], but it would be viable." 

Saved but not healthy

In reference to the club's financial situation, Romeu assured that the current board have "saved Barca, but the club is not economically healthy yet."

He added: "There's still a need for austerity and there is a lot of work to do. [I predict] Barca will be healthy within five years [of our mandate]. In the 24-25 season, we will be at the level we should be."  

In addition, he said losses next season due to playing at Montjuic instead of Camp Nou "would not be as much as €100m as reported in some places."

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