Donny van de Beek offers himself to Barcelona


Donny van de Beek offers himself to Barcelona

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The Man United midfielder is not playing for the Red Devils and wants to go

Georginio Wijnaldum’s decision to sign for PSG and not Barca has obliged the Catalans to look elsewhere. There have been various offers in recent days, including one from Donny van de Peek, the Manchester United midfielder.

His people told Barca that he would like to play for the club, although it would have to be on loan.

Donny is not happy with his role at Man United as he is only a substitute there and is looking for a summer switch to get his career back on track.

The Catalan club have not given a formal response back but their idea is looking for a different profile in midfield.

Van de Beek was on Barca’s agenda a couple of years ago, and he also negotiated with Real Madrid.

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