Dembele not convinced by Chelsea's offer and Barça remain alive

Dembele not convinced by Chelsea's offer and Barça remain alive

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The French forward could yet sign a new deal at Camp Nou this summer

Either way, both Chelsea and Barça want a quick decision from the winger

The Ousmane Dembele soap opera is reaching its finale. He has no more room to negotiate since all the interested clubs are asking him to make a decision once and for all at the risk of proposals being withdrawn. The French forward has made progress with Chelsea, but there is some disappointment with the Londoners' financial offer and, therefore, he has not yet given an affirmative answer. His thought that Chelsea would go much stronger, but the simultaneous signing of Sterling has reduced his salary and everything is up in the air. Barça are not completely ruled out, either, although his continuity is still difficult.

Chelsea have supposedly offered Dembele a proposal for four seasons, but with a significantly higher salary than the last Blaugrana offer. But there is not a huge difference despite arriving on a free transfer, so the Frenchman wonders if it is worth a change of scenery since he is comfortable in Barcelona. The London club could finally make a difference with a signing bonus but it would not be what Dembele demanded either.

Dembele has already spoken with Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, who is trying to convince him, but he also called Xavi after hearing about Chelsea's financial offer. His goal was for Barça to go up a little more to get him to stay, but the Blaugrana will not make any more effort. They maintain the proposal and believe that he would make a mistake if he went to Chelsea because of that not-so-great economic difference.

Despite everything, both Barça and Chelsea have asked for a swift decision because they need to plan their squads and Dembele's call will feed into other transfer decisions. The Blaugrana would not sign Raphinha if the Frenchman continued and the money saved would go to other positions, such as center-back.