Dembele wants Barça to make him an improved contract offer

Dembele wants Barça to make him an improved contract offer

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The forward was ready to renew before the signing of Ferran Torres

Ousmane Dembele's agents want Barcelona to present them with a new contract renewal proposal. They want them to improve the current terms on the table and make the same effort they made to sign Ferran Torres last week.

Barça, through director of football Mateu Alemany, communicated this week that they are waiting for a response from Dembele's camp and that a decision must be made soon.

However, as revealed by SPORT, Dembele's agents are in no rush because they know that time is on their side and they have no intention of heeding to Barça petition for haste.

In that sense, COPE say that they are even waiting for Barça to make a new, improved offer.

Dembele's people believe that, following the results of the last meeting, the ball is in Barça's court and they are waiting for the club to make their next move.

As revealed by SPORT, Dembele planned to renew before the signing of Torres but the subsequent spending on the Manchester City forward, who says he prefers playing on the right, has changed the Frenchman's plans. Now he hopes to have the same treatment as the Spanish international.

Barça are negotiating from a weak position due to not having tied Dembele down before the end of last year. Now he's free to speak to other clubs, with his deal expiring in the summer, and has all the power.

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