De Jong exclusive: The Barça player that has helped me the most is Busquets

Frenkie de Jong has spoken to SPORT about adapting to life in Barcelona

El centrocampista holandés repasa qué supone jugar un Clásico, lo que le ayudó Busquets y cómo ve al Barça de aquí al final de temporada | Maite Jiménez

Here is the second part of Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong's interview with SPORT. 

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It sounds strange that Barça haven't won the Champions League since 2015 when they have Lionel Messi.

I have said many times: he is, by far, the best in the world. And there's a huge difference between him and the rest. But the Champions League... you know how it is. There are many good teams involved and it's a special competition because if you have one bad moment in a game, you're out. Of if you have bad luck. La Liga is different. There are 38 games and if you have a bad spell, you can fix it. But in the Champions League, you have 10 bad minutes and you can forget it. It's much tougher to win it. 

Are Roma and Liverpool still a weight on the dressing room?

No, that's not spoken about much.

Riqui Puig is one of the players of the moment, do you think you'll play many games together? 

He is a really talented player. I like the way he plays. Of course we can play together. for me, in reality, it doesn't matter too much who I have to play with, if I am playing, I am satisfied. 

Which player have you connected best with?

It's difficult to pick one... but when I arrived, Busquets helped me with many things. I could say he took care of me in a certain sense: for example, the first day I arrived in Barcelona before training even started, he sent me a message to ask if I needed anything and he reserved a table in a restaurant for me and my girlfriend. he behaved really well with me. If I had to pick one, I would say Busquets, even though everyone has helped me a lot. 

It's curious because it seems you're both competing for the same place.

Yes, because we're both midfielders... but that shows the type of person he is and the spirit of the team. 

Is it different to play against Madrid for Barcelona than for Ajax? 

It's different because it's special to play in a Clasico, it's a unique sensation. You know the whole planet is watching. The game we played against Madrid wasn't that good, but I enjoyed it a lot. 

Now Valencia. Is it a good time to go to Mestalla? 

Valencia are always a tough opponent. They have powerful players. I like their stadium, it's really nice. I have never played there, but what I have seen it looks really good. They have a good team. In the first meeting, we played really well, winning 5-2, and i hope that we can win there playing well, too. 

Will Barça end the season well?

I hope so. We're still in three competitions and we're in a good position. We're leading La Liga with Madrid, in the last 16 of the Champions League, through in the Copa, although it's obvious we didn't play as we wanted against Ibiza. We are working hard and there's a lot to fight for. Every day we're improving and I think we have a great team. I think we have a great chance to win trophies at the end of the season. 


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