The day Barça nearly signed Rodrigo Moreno for €63 million

The day Barça nearly signed Rodrigo Moreno for €63 million

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Murthy's leaked audios have revealed past negotiations for the striker

The latest audio leaks featuring Valencia president Anil Murthy in SuperDeporte have featured Barcelona, who tried to sign the striker Rodrigo Moreno from Los Che.

In the recording, Murthy confirms Barça are ready to pay 63 million euros for the Spanish forward and that he will travel to Catalonia to close the deal with Josep Maria Bartomeu's board, who were in charge at the time.

An extract of the audio: "I go to Barcelona to sell Rodrigo. Atletico wanted to buy him at first and later Barcelona. 63 million. Rodrigo's father wants two million in commission. I go with Ramón Planes, Oscar Grau, Abidal and they tell me: 'Right, we can buy for 63 million no problem. We're going to pay the two million to the dad, this year, but only 30 million for Fair Play and then (the rest sorted) next year and that's that.'

"Yes, but are they going to be next season? Because if they are not, my name is there and I am going to Picassent. I left, I have nothing. These things happen so much in football."

Rodrigo later left Valencia but for Leeds United and in a deal worth much less than 63 million.

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