Danger Dembele: Barcelona could sell if a tempting offer arrives

The Catalan club would listen to proposals for the talented French forward

¿Qué hacía Dembélé en el banquillo si no estaba convocado? | @ElDiaDespués

Jordi Gil

Barcelona are ready to make big decisions this summer. One of the players who could be affected by the restructuring of the squad could be Ousmane Dembele. 

In theory, the French forward is not one of the names on the table to leave due to his age (stiill just 22), his potential and the cost of his signing two years ago, 105 million euros plus 40 million in variables. However, the reality is he is in a bad place and the board may consider a sale in certain circumstances. 

Barça aren't going to look to move him on at any cost. They can't give that sensation as it would reduce the player's value and, if he is to leave, they want to recoup their investment. 

It's anoother thing if a club comes to the Catalans. Then they would listen to the offer. That's to say, Dembele is not non-transferrable by any stretch of the imagination. 

A sale would be a painful decision, though, because of the high expectations generated and the feeling that he could be a really important players. However, Dembele's not leaving many options given if he did leave it would solve a constant problem in the dressing room. 

Leaving to one side his inconsistent form and injuries, his behaviour has not been that of an elite footballer. His mistakes and his eccentricities have tested the club's patience. They are fed up of hiis lifestyle of the pitch and wouldn't have many doubts if they received a good offer. 

Even though coach Ernesto Valverde considerds Dembele key -- as he admitted when he said he erred playing him against Celta Vigo, when he got injurred -- Barça feel he's become a luxury. 

Dembele is too prone to injuries and his day-to-day life is not helping that. To that fragility, tou have to add the lapses of concentration. Even though it's an anecdote now, the club still find it amazing that he sat on the substitute's bench for a few minutes for a game he was not even on the bench for. 



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