Cristiano Ronaldo: I admire the career of Lionel Messi

The Portuguese forward spoke about Messi and the rivalry they have

 El portugués se compara con Leo Messi en unas declaraciones a DAZN | DAZN

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about the relationship he has with Lionel Messi, in an interview with TVI.

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"I have no doubt that he's made me a better player and I've made him one too," said Ronaldo. "Rivalries are good, healthy, in football or any other sport.

"I admire the career that Leo is having. He already said publically that he didn't want me to leave La Liga, this is because it was a rivalry that he liked.

"I have an excellent professional relationship with Messi. (Have you dined together?) No, but why not in the future? There would be no problen, he's Argentine and my partner is too."


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