Coutinho won't hand in transfer request to force Barça move

The player hopes Barça and Liverpool can reach a 'friendly' agreement

Barça believe that the negotiations for the Brazilian are advancing well

Coutinho, más cerca
Coutinho habría llegado a un acuerdo con el Barcelona | AFP

Barcelona are optimistic about Philippe Coutinho, although they admit it will be a long and complicated operation. The players has done his part, but he will not hand in a transfer request to put pressure on the English club and hopes the two clubs can reach a 'friendly' agreement. 

Lluís Miguelsanz

Barça and Liverpool have made contact and are trying to agree a price for the midfielder. The Catalan club's idea is to not go above 100 million euros, at least not before variables. 

Coutinho has put pressure on Liverpool and manager Jurgen Klopp, telling them the he wants to move to La Liga. But he won't hand in a transfer request. 

Barça have an agreement with the Brazilian for a five-year deal and are waiting for things to advance with Liverpool. It's unlikely a deal will be reached this week, but there's confidence a pre-agreement will be closed next week. 

The idea from Barça's point of view is an initial fee of 90 million euros plus variables. Liverpool want more, but are beginning to realise it will be difficult to hold on to the player. 


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