Contact with Haaland: The dream to kickstart Barça's winning project

Contact with Haaland: The dream to kickstart Barça's winning project

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New president Joan Laporta is keen to bring in the Norway international this summer

Joan Laporta's presidency promises strong emotions. The new Barcelona president is clear where football is going and will do everything possible to sign a top-level 'crack' to excite supporters and increase the club's chances of success on the pitch. A lot of names are on the table, but the top target is Erling Haaland, the Borussia Dortmund striker who is amazing the world with his goal-scoring capacity. The operation is difficult, but Laporta is determined to sign him and has sounded out the player's people to be able to make what would be a huge statement signing.

Laporta is a football man and has experience at the top level. For that reason, before winning the election, he made contact with various agents to see the state of the market. One of them was the all-powerful Mino Raiola, Haaland's agent, to ask him about the situation. The relationship between Laporta and Raiold is good. That's something that could play into Barça's favour, although it will be Haaland himself who chooses his destiny. Right now, another season at Dortmund has not been ruled out, despite the offers he will have this summer.


Signing Haaland will be expensive. Really expensive. Borussia Dortmund insist that there's no €75 million release clause this summer and that they will name the price. But it does seem there is that famous clause next summer, so if Dortmund want to make money on the striker, it has to be this year, when he could fetch over €100m. Price aside, you also have to add the commission involved in the deal and the player's salary, which would be assumable for Barça if they manage to reduce the wage bill as planned in the coming months. Barça are clear on the terms of a possible operation and are working on it.

Laporta would have liked to have been able to have a first option on the signing, but it's impossible. Haaland's drawing a lot of interest and his people will listen to everyone. Real Madrid and Manchester City are also well positioned and have money to do the operation.

What Barça need above all is time. The new board of directors have to complete an internal audit on the club's finances to work out how to move forward. The key is to negotiate the sale of Barça Corporate, which could bring in more than €200m. From there, the club also need to sell two attackers to strengthen their position financially, reduce the wage bill and make room for another forward. When they managed that, Barça will be in a position to bid. Haaland could wait for them. As of today, that's the dream to kickstart a winning project.


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