Conditional liberty for Sandro Rosell after 643 days in prison

The former Barca president was allowed out finally although has had his passport taken away

 El ex presidente culé, en libertad provisional tras celebrarse su juicio | Perform

Sandro Rosell has conditional freedom. The judge at the national court, Concepcion Espejel, published a court order on Wednesday saying both Rosell and his partner Joan Besoli, can leave after nearly two years in preventative prison.

In the writ they told Rosell and Besoli that they are having their passports taken away, they have to live on Spanish soil and must attend the court on March 28. They also must come forward when requested to at other times.

Rosell, when the declarations finish on Wednesday, will go back to prison to get his things and then go to his friends and family. He has spent 643 days in the prison.


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