Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal blasts Barcelona

He knows that Ronald Koeman doesn't want him at the club and he is not happy

Arturo Vidal critica el modelo de juego del Barça |

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Arturo Vidal's situation at Barcelona is not comfortable. He has spoken up and criticised the club, with new coach Ronald Koeman looking to oust him and others.

"It was very painful not to be in the final and how it happened," said Vidal. "I had a lot of faith about what could happen but the team was not good," he told Daniel Habif on YouTube.

"We did things that cannot be done at the top level and in the end you pay for it against an organised side with a winning mentality with physically prepared players and a strong system of play, when you are weak in your head and energy that happens, it happened to us."

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Vidal was not impressed with the club.

"Clearly this isn't just the players but much bigger than that. The club has to improve and do it in a better way. That's not easy, it's not about coming, throwing away the biggest names and changing things.

"Barca have to change their way of thinking; football has evolved a lot, that DNA stuff has been left behind and other teams are better in terms of more force and speed, and technique sometimes drops to a second level (of relevance).

"Barcelona have to change a lot of things. A team that I think is the best in the world, cannot have 13 professionals and the rest of the squad being young players. Not because they don't deserve to be there, but in this team you have to be competing for who is the best and who has to play.

"All teams need 23 players to fight for their place, to grow and improve every day, but when you think your DNA can make you forever winners, you are very wrong.

"There are very good players, we have Messi, who is No 1 and an alien, but he needs help, players that improve the team and give better results."



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