Chiellini: I admire Suarez, I'm a son of a bitch too

The Juve defender doesn't have a problem with Suarez after the biting incident

Así fue el mordisco de Suárez a Chiellini |

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Luis Suarez lived through his worst moment with Georgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup, when he bit the Italian defender.

Chiellini has published a book speaking about his career and in it he mentions Suarez.

"I admire his malice, if he loses it he becomes a normal striker. Nothing strange happened that day in the 2014 World Cup. I marked Cavani most of the game, another difficult player. I realised he had bitten my shoulder. It happened, but this is his strategy of contact in the body to body fight and I can say it, it's mine too.

"He and I are equals and I like to face attackers like him. I called him a couple of days later but there was no need to apologise. I'm also a big son of a bitch on the pitch and I'm proud of it. Malice is part of football. To beat an opponent you have to be intelligent."

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