Chelsea trying to snatch Gavi from Barcelona

Chelsea trying to snatch Gavi from Barcelona

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The midfielder is out of contract at the end of the season in theory, for now

Chelsea have set their sights on signing Gavi. According to Diario AS, the English club wants to take advantage of the fact that the midfielder does not have a professional deal and that, if Barça do not solve their fair-play problems, they could be free in June to sign him at zero cost.

The aforementioned media outlet explains that the operation is already underway and that three weeks ago emissaries from Chelsea met in Madrid with Iván de la Peña, his representative, to make first contact.

At that meeting, the English club's representatives, led by Christopher Vivell - the sporting director - made the player aware of their desire to sign him and explained to him the importance he would have in their future project, giving him the status as star of the team.

According to the same information, the meeting was very satisfactory for both parties and they agreed to move forward. Chelsea are reportedly preparing a multi-million pound contract for him and a big signing bonus if he finally arrives on a free transfer.  

El Chelsea, a por Gavi


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