Champions League and Europa League matches are also postponed!

In the next few hours UEFA will announce that all matches are to be postponed until further notice

La eliminatoria entre el Barça y el Nápoles queda sin resolución por el momento
La eliminatoria entre el Barça y el Nápoles queda sin resolución por el momento | VALENTÍ ENRICH

The coronavirus is continuing to impact the football world this week. After the Serie A and LaLiga confirmed that all matches would be postponed for the next two weeks, it's now time for UEFA to make a decision on the fate of this season's Champions League and Europa League competitions.

German Bona


Everything suggests that UEFA will officially postpone both competitions with immediate effect until further notice. The integrity of the competition has been called into question after Atletico Madrid fans, coming from one of the worst hit areas in Spain, were allowed to travel and attend their team's match against Liverpool. All this while Valencia (vs Atalanta) and PSG (vs Dortmund) were ordered to play their matches behind closed doors.

Undecided matches

Whilst some of the knockout rounds have been completed, there are still many which are yet to complete their second leg. Barcelona-Napoli, Manchester City-Real Madrid, Juventus-Lyon and Bayern-Chelsea were all due to play next week. Leipzig, Atletico, Atalanta and PSG have already qualified for the quarter-finals.

As for the Europa League, the next round of fixtures have yet to begin. Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe have both been postponed but matches between Wolfsburg-Shakhtar Donetsk, Eintracht-Basel, Rangers-Leverkusen, LASK-Manchester United, Olympiacos-Wolverhampton and Basaksehir-Copenhague will be played behind closed doors.

What happens next?

The football authorities must now come up with a solution to have this season's competition is concluded. The current postponements could last one or two weeks but up to four months if the situation becomes worse. Then finding a solution which suits everybody, with a limited timeframe to work with, is going to be anything but easy.


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