Cavani went to therapy after Barcelona's 2017 comeback against PSG

Cavani went to therapy after Barcelona's 2017 comeback against PSG

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The striker says the result had consequences for him off the pitch as well

It was one of the most memorable games in modern football history. Something that seemed impossible that Barcelona, though pure faith and talent, turned into a reality. After losing 4-0 in Paris, they beat Paris Saint-Germain 6-1 on a magical night at Camp Nou under Luis Enrique to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals.

One of the players playing for PSG on that night was the Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani. In an interview with Relevo, he has remembered the effect that match had on him.

"The first time (I went to therapy) was after Barça's comeback against PSG," he said. "It affected me a lot and there are things that weight you down. In five minutes, everything that we had been doing changed. It's a huge blow which you can't control and, even though it is football, it touches other parts of your person as well, with anxiety, cold sweats, I got dizzy sleeping, I was afraid of going to sleep... I wondered if I had a problem with my head."

New life in Valencia

Without a doubt, it's a very open confession from Cavani, who is now looking to deliver in Spain for the first time in his career after signing for Valencia.

"It's a new team with teammates that you don't know, so you need a little bit of time," he said. "(Coach) Gattuso told me I would come in little by little, but that I was looking good and had to play. I like challenges. Of course, in the first few minutes, there was a lot of uncertainty, but the coach believed I was ready to play."

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