Cadete Ilaix Moriba will stay at Barcelona and renew his deal for three years


The deal between club and player was reached on Tuesday and he rejected proposals from Chelsea and Man City

Así juega Ilaix Moriba | sport

The best news for Barcelona's youth academy was confirmed on Tuesday. SPORT have learned that Cadete player Ilaix Moriba will renew his contract with an extra three years.

It could be a deal which signifies a before and after period for La Masia. For the first time Barca have made a big economic effort to keep the player, who renews despite offers from Chelsea, Man City and Juventus.

Various meetings over the past few weeks ended with one on Monday. They presented a counter-offer and Barca accepted it on Tuesday. Now the contracts only need to be written up and a date agreed to sign. 

The midfielder, who had not been training over the past few days, will join Denis Silva's Juvenil A side.

Man City were sure they could take the midfielder in January. However Barca's offer convinced Ilaix to reject Pep Guardiola's side. Barca have always been confident they could renew his deal. 

Ilaix will spend pre-season with Barca B and depending on his performance, may or may not be included in Garcia Pimenta's squad next season. In his third year, he will be at Barca B for sure.


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