Busquets names his possible replacements: Zubimendi, Rodri, Nico...

Busquets names his possible replacements: Zubimendi, Rodri, Nico...

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The midfielder spoke to SPORT about how Barça can replace him

It is the top priority. We could say it's almost an obsession for Barcelona coach Xavi. Finding a guaranteed replacement for Sergio Busquets. Names have come up all over the place. It is something that can no longer be postponed. 

Busquets himself has now told SPORT which profiles are the most similar to him in the current game.

"I think that if we want to continue with the philosophy that we have lived during Barça's best period and that our coach has also lived and believes in blindly, Zubimendi and Rodri are spectacular, they are perhaps the most similar," he told SPORT:

"Although it is true that each one has their own characteristics and as I said before, no two players are the same.

"They have clubs, though, and it is difficult to get them, so we are going to see what the club is going to do in the end because it is a job that does not correspond to me.

"They are going to try to find the best option and the coach has very good taste in choosing players. Another thing is whether it is more or less feasible."

Busquets also talks about an in-house possibility: "There is also the option of Nico, who we have out on loan, who is also a local player and knows the system. And we also have to give opportunities to young people".

One of the big questions is why it has not been possible to produce another Busquets from La Masia all this time.

"You have to do a very good job at grassroots level and then the player also has to take that little step to be able to compete in professional football, in a team like Barça," he added.

"To have that continuity, to be prepared, especially at the beginning, which is when you can be given the opportunity to make your debut and you have to be at a high level so that they can see that they can count on you. You have to have everything they ask of you.

"It's complicated. It's true that in my position there hasn't been anyone, but we've seen that in other positions there has been. In a few years, it will be in mine."

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