Busquets: Gavi & Araujo know those that leave Barça always regret it

Busquets: Gavi & Araujo know those that leave Barça always regret it

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The midfielder has warned the players against leaving Camp Nou

Sergio Busquets spoke to Tot Costa on Catalunya Radio about a range of subjects relating to Barcelona, including the contract renewals of Gavi and Ronald Araujo.

Both young players are in talks to extend their deals with their current terms set to expire in the summer of 2023 -- and Busquets had a warning for them.

"I have spoken with them many times and they know they won't have it like they do here anywhere else," the Barça captain said. "Not the club, but the dressing room, the city...

"They have been here for years. They know that they have many years left in their career. If one day they want a new experience, maybe after 10 years you want to go to the Premier League or the United States, that's normal, but to leave so soon... Those that have left and could have stayed always regret it."

Speaking on Barça's youngsters in general, Busquets added: "Pedri is the one who has surprised me most. The rest have come through the academy, but Pedri's arrived and it's as if he knew everything already: the automisms, the idea of play, positioning on the pitch... and it's how he is as a person, he's calm, he works hard, listens, doesn't complain.

"Like Andres Iniesta? I don't like to compare. They're [playing in] different eras, they are different players. Maybe they're similar as people, or in terms of their quality, but Pedri has to follow his own path and I am sure he will do well."