"Braithwaite's treatment is somewhere between bullying and harassment," says Micheal Sahl Hansen

"Braithwaite's treatment is somewhere between bullying and harassment," says Micheal Sahl Hansen

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Michael Sahl Hansen, head of the Danish Players' Association, harshly criticises Barca's attitude towards the Danish striker

The days go by and Martin Braithwaite is still part of the FC Barcelona first-team squad. The Danish striker has refused departure and demands payment for the two years left on his contract to terminate it. Xavi told him back in May that he did not count on him and to look for a way out, but the player has rejected all the proposals that have come his way.

The club is very upset with his attitude, but Braithwaite has received support from his country through Michael Sahl Hansen, director of the Danish Players' Association, who has strongly criticised Barça for their treatment of the player. "The treatment Martin is experiencing is completely unreasonable. It is probably somewhere between bullying and harassment. It is disgraceful how FC Barcelona are trying to get him out of his contract, out of his job. A player who came to their rescue when they were under pressure is now in disgrace. Where is the decency?" he says.

Furthermore, Hansen believes Barça should respect his contract. "A contract is a contract and FC Barcelona and Martin committed themselves for two more years. Martin must continue to honour his part of the agreement. And so should FC Barcelona. Furthermore, it would behove one of the biggest clubs in the world to treat its players with greater respect," he said. However, the Association's director admits that FC Barcelona have not broken any rules yet with Braithwaite.

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