Braithwaite: People will be surprised when I'm playing UCL next year

Braithwaite: People will be surprised when I'm playing UCL next year

Braithwaite: Es más fácil jugar en el Barça que en el Leganés | Laia Cervelló

The Danish striker spoke to SPORT in an exclusive interview and is out to surprise his doubters

Martin Braithwaite's interview continues here:

Some say you might be sold in the summer.

I'm here to be here for many years. People have their opinions, I've only heard positive stuff but if that's what people say they're gonna be surprised when I'm here next season playing in the Champions League. So it's nice, it's a goal I can write down to surprise people because I'm gonna be here for many years.

Do you think you've come to Barca at a good moment?

It's the perfect moment. Things happen in life and this opportunity was meant to be, it's the perfect moment for me.

Luis Suarez praised you.

I'm just gonna be me, thanks to Luis for saying this, he's an amazing guy, he received me well the first day when I came in. He's a huge inspiration for me as well, he's the best striker in the world. We have the best player and the best striker. I can't wait for him to come back and play because I can learn so much from him. Of course I'm here to show what I can do. I'm not just here to train and go home, I have goals for myself and I'm gonna achieve them.

Leganes' style is different to Barca...

Of course it's different. But I use my head and study the game. I work to be prepared for each situation, to use my qualities for different match situations. Now I have to move differently. 

Have you been able to speak with Quique Setien?

Yes, he's a good guy. He spoke to me but he's not putting pressure on me. I can feel that he believes in me and I just have to play my game. I want to be myself and show my qualities. It's not hard for me to be myself.

Some have compared you to Larsson for your energy on the pitch and attitude, what do you think?

I don't think my football is like Larsson's, to be honest. But in one thing we are similar, he was a tremendously intelligent player. I don't know what his mentality was like or his way of being, because I don't know him personally, but he's a legend.

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