Bjelica: Olmo can play for Barcelona or Madrid

Sport interview: The Dinamo Zagreb coach believes Dani Olmo is ready to go to the big time

 El catalán marcó el 1-1 en el empate a dos del Dinamo de Zagreb ante el Shakhtar | MEDIAPRO

Nenad Bjelica (Osijek, Croacia, 20/08/1971) has been in charge of Dinamo Zagreb for a year and a half. He spoke about his player Dani Olmo in  conversation with SPORT at the 'Barca Sports Tech Week' at Camp Nou. 

Sergi Capdevila


Dani Olmo has not stopped growing since you arrived. How have you seen his evolution, how good can he be?

Dani's background has been very healthy. He comes from a humble family, he really wants to learn and you notice that every day. That's vital, with his talent and tactical-technical qualities, you only have to get performance out of him. We've used him more as an interior, he can do more damage in the middle with our game. He's decisive one on one, he can unbalance the opponent, something not easy to see in today's game. He's a player any coach would want in his team.

It's rare that Spain would call up a player currently in the Croatian league...

He's taken his steps. A year ago Francisco Molina called me, a former team-mate and now in the RFEF, to say that he wanted to call Dani up to the U21s. It was hard for him at first, bit by bit,  he started as a sub and later became more important. He played at a very high level and thanks to his work he deserves the call to the first team.

Is he ready to play at a big club like Barca or Madrid?

His level of play is way above the level of Dinamo Zagreb and I'm sure we'll see him at a big side in the near future, like one of the teams you've named. He's easily got the quality and I'm sure he'll show it.


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