Big meeting at Barça to decide Philippe Coutinho's future

Big meeting at Barça to decide Philippe Coutinho's future

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The Brazilian midfielder is having a second life at Aston Villa on loan

Philippe Coutinho’s transfer this summer is a big issue at Barcelona. they need the player to go so they can earn 40m euros for him before June 30 to sort out their books.

Barcelona are meeting the player’s agents next week per the Mirror, with Aston Villa potentially unwilling to pay the set fee or wanting to negotiate a reduction in price. Depending on how the talks go, Barcelona might give his agents the green light to negotiate with other teams.

Coutinho arrived at Aston Villa on loan, and that was already complex with Barcelona have to pay a good part of his salary. The player accepted playing for a smaller club because the coach, Steven Gerrard, is his friend. 

Newcastle have asked after him in the past but the Brazilian did not want to go there, but the possibility could open up again. Arsenal also aren’t sure about it. Barcelona want to get a deal done because it could have a big impact on their potential to sign.

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