Bernardo Silva wants Barça to make the move to sign him now

Bernardo Silva wants Barça to make the move to sign him now

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If the Portuguese does not see any possibility, he will say he is happy to stay at City

Bernardo Silva's future will be decided in the next few days. The Portuguese wants to reesolve this soon and has asked his agent, Jorge Mendes, for the club to make the final move for him. Bernardo Silva has confirmed that he is willing to come to Barça but expects a firm offer from their end. The club are working on their wage bill and they want to sign him, so there could be news in the coming days.

Bernardo Silva, according to 'The Athletic', has sensed that his departure from the sky blues to Barça will be tough as there have been no significant talks between the clubs. If it remains as such, he is prepared to continue in Manchester City. He will not put any pressure, though his great desire was to leave the Premier League to play in the LaLiga, which is closer to Portugal.

Barça insist that Bernardo Silva is an absolute priority and that they will sign him whatever it takes. City have indicated that they will not sell him for less than 100 million euros, but Barça and the player's agent are negotiating with very different figures. There is a belief that the transfer could be settled for 80 million, between fixed and variables. And that City would have enough time to look for a top-level replacement in the market.

Barça remain committed on brining Bernardo Silva in, even though there are some internal debates about the financial feasibility. While a large part of the board of directors want to go for him regardless of whether De Jong leaves, some see complications arising if the Dutchman stays. Barça have the money for the transfer, but managing the salary limit if De Jong does not reduce his salary would be impossible, even though Bernardo Silva is willing to adjust his salary a lot to fulfil his dream of playing for Barça.

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