Behind the scenes of Pedri's great night in Turin

The young midfielder shone on the European stage and drew a lot of praise

El joven culé firmó un gran partido ante la Juventus e incluso tuvo una muy buena oportunidad de cara a puerta que resolvió con calidad | MEDIAPRO

Toni Juanmartí

Although Pedri was not conscious of it, once the clash with Juventus started, it was his presentation letter to the world. His fine performance has drawn plenty of praise. At 17, his first Champions League start, the central midfielder showed he will be a future ‘crack’ but also one in the present too. That’s what his team-mates and those on the other team thought too. His magic night continued beyond the final whistle.

He was congratulated by his team-mates who joked about when he sat down Cuadrado. They threatened him not to do it to them in training. Humble as always, the former Las Palmas player took the congratulations timidly.

Dybala’s gesture was the most surprising. The Argentine sought him out to praise his game. They swapped shirts. It was big for Pedri, who controlled Dybala on the Playstation as a kid, to see him make the effort to come over and speak to him.

Former Juve player Claudio Marchisio also praised him on Twitter. “What a player, Pedri,” wrote the ex midfielder. “Crisp in the play, never boring, congratulations.”

Back home, the player responded to a lot of Whatsapps he received, and spoke to his family. He admitted in a recent interview with SPORT that after the game he asks his parents to give him space. “I’ll tell them we can talk if things have gone well, and if not we’ll talk the next day.”

This Wednesday things went brilliantly, so there was no need to disconnect. Pedri is conscious that he is on a cloud but he does not feel vertigo.



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