Bayern Munich tracking Gavi's contract situation with Barcelona

Bayern Munich tracking Gavi's contract situation with Barcelona

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The midfielder's new deal has still not been registered with LaLiga

Gavi renewed his contract with FC Barcelona last September until 30 June 2026, with a release clause of €1 billion. That contract, however, has not yet been registered by the club with LaLiga.

The player is calm because his registration is an absolute priority for the board of directors chaired by Joan Laporta. He has been assured that there will be no problem to do so, but the situation has not gone unnoticed by other big European clubs.

Gavi, 18, is very clear that he wants to stay at Barça and does not want to listen to offers or hear about the possibility of being released after June if he cannot register his new contract, but his agent, Iván de la Peña, has been approached by other clubs. Without making any formal offer, but letting him know that if Gavi cannot be registered, they are willing to acquire his services.

Gavi, ante el Madrid

| David Ramírez

It is the case of Chelsea, but also of Bayern Munich. The Spain midfielder is very much liked by the German club, who have let his agent know that they would be willing to present an important offer to the player as long as he remains free because Barça cannot register his contract -- something that is not contemplated by the Catalan club, who are working to reduce their wage bill and be able to register all the renewed players and also potential new signings.

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