Basis of a deal between Barcelona and Lionel Messi

The club have agreed a five year contract with the Argentine star

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Ivan San Antonio

Barca and Leo Messi have reached the basis of a deal. The contract would be for five years. Although there has been a lot of talk about him signing for two before starting a new adventure in the MLS with Inter Miami, in the end both sides preferred it to be a longer contract.

Messi believes he can keep playing at the top for that long. He has accepted roughly a 50 per cent pay cut, because of the club’s terrible economic state and he knows he should be the first to give an example. Money was not an issue in the negotiation. Tax, was, however as neither side wants to make a mistake there.

For now it’s the basis of a deal and it’s not formally sealed but everything is advanced. The lawyers from both sides will analyse the details and seal the small aspects. Official confirmation is not expected in the coming hours as this stage is complex, but the hope is that it is announced before July ends.

The player is on holiday after winning the Copa America. He will have a 350m euros release clause in his contract.



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