Bartomeu: The referee will have to take note of the banners

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu didn't bite his tongue when asked to speak by Movistar after his side's clash with Espanyol.

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Asked about the banners Espanyol fans held up, including "Shakira is everyones" and "Pau, your foot shows us the way", Bartomeu replied: "I haven't seen them, but they told me about them. Well, it's what we talked about, the referee will have to take not and add it to the act."

Bartomeu also spoke about the Neymar case. "Sooner or later we knew we would have to testify. Now we just have fixed dates. It is an internal matter in Brazil."

On the football, he added: "We went out to score a quick goal and did it. Barcelona had a good game and won calmly, after the first goal."


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